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Adult's Program


About our Adults Program

ECJJA is not your typical Jiu Jitsu academy. Here our mission is to provide you or your child with world-class Jiu Jitsu instruction. We pride ourselves on an environment that is warm and welcoming to everyone. Whether your goals are to compete and win a world title or simply get fit and fall in love with a new hobby, we can help you reach them. Our members come from all walks of life ranging between 5 and 65.

Beginners Course

Begin your Jiu Jitsu journey in our renowned Beginners Classes. Get to grips with the basics in a class designed specifically for people new to the sport.

Mixed Levels Classes

Our Mixed Levels classes are where you will head after our Beginners Program. Expand your technical knowledge and physical abilities while you progress through the belt ranks.

Train alongside European and World Champions!

Nogi Classes

Jiu Jitsu can be practiced with the Kimono (Gi) and without (NoGi). A faster paced version of Jiu Jitsu with some different techniques in play, we have classes specifically for Nogi training.

Open Mat

Open mat is one of our members favourite times in the week. Every Saturday and Sunday from 1-3pm the mat is free for all students to use as they wish.

Practice some techniques you learned during the week, do some sparring, or just chill and hang out! Always a good vibe and a packed mat.

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Some information about our memberships

Remember we said ECJJA is not your typical Jiu Jitsu academy? Heres some reasons why.

No sign up fees

Enroll in a Beginners Course or make a monthly membership. Simple. No extra fees or charges.

ECJJA Online

As part of this very site we have an online learning platform that you will gain access to with your membership for no extra cost. Review techniques from or expand your learning from home.

No uniform policies

Many Jiu Jitsu academies force students to wear a particular colour uniform or specific patches. Here you can wear whatever gi like.

No dated traditions

Here you will not be made bow to picture, line up in order of rank or be told who you can and cannot train with. We focus on the things that really matter, like your progress and enjoyment!

What others have had to say


“When I was looking to take up Jiu Jitsu I wanted it all, great facilities, great teammates and most of all an instructor that genuinely cared about the development of his students. Thankfully I found all of that in ECJJA and haven’t looked back since!”

David Phelan

Recruitment Consultant


“For a person who has never played a sport before, I really feel that with ECJJA I’ve found the right activity and place to do it in. BJJ is a perfect balance as it stimulates you physically and mentally, but also simultaneously provides a social outlet. At ECJJA I’ve always felt that both my coaches and teammates want to see me succeed and thus are constantly helping and pushing me.”

Ríoghnach O' Leary



“I was lucky enough to choose East Coast Jiu Jitsu Academy to train in when I started BJJ. It has become a driving force in my life, giving me the initiative to achieve and improve. The sport itself is addictive but the atmosphere in the gym and the training partners are what make us a team. Darragh constantly looks to improve himself and his team, always teaching new techniques and keeping a strong focus on self improvement for every individual!”

Sam Mc Nally

BJJ Black Belt